Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM)

Finance Shop Discretionary Portfolio Management is a sister company of Finance Shop and compliments its existing services. You can find out more about Finance Shop by clicking on the Advisory Services link above.

Why use Discretionary Portfolio Management?

Investing in the stock market can be daunting and confusing. Selecting the right funds for your pension or investment plan can make a huge difference to your overall return and ultimately your financial future. With thousands of funds to choose from and a wide range of risks to consider, where do you start?

Even if you have selected an investment approach that you believe is right for you, markets can move very quickly and monitoring both the risk and return of your plan then becomes vital to keep you on track.

For larger portfolios, we are able to offer our DPM service to meet your requirements for growth, income or both. The DPM service allows clients to completely outsource their investment requirements and removes the need for you to make any investment decisions, as we will take all of these on your behalf as we work to achieve your financial goals.


We understand that beneath the portfolio is an individual who has specific requirements, which is why Andy Parkes, our Chief Investment Officer, acting as your Investment Manager, will construct your own individual portfolio which matches your particular needs.

The portfolios are constructed in conjunction with your Financial Adviser and overseen by the Finance Shop Wealth Management (FSWM) Investment Committee, with the aim of optimising returns whilst minimising risk.

With the emphasis on diversification using the widest possible range of financial instruments, this highly personalised, tailored approach offers “hands on” asset management to give you complete peace of mind that your portfolio is being managed efficiently and effectively.

As a DPM client, you will also receive quarterly valuation reports which give a comprehensive breakdown of your portfolio and performance comparison figures.

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